Another Strange Doctor Dream

•September 28, 2013 • 11 Comments

Some of you may remember a dream I wrote about awhile back where I was in a waiting room at a doctor’s office with my father-in-law who has passed. The next week I was diagnosed with Lupus. Well, I had another dream somewhat similar. I dreamt that I had gone to the eye doctor for a routine visit and later received a call that I needed to go back in to discuss some of my results. I remember in the dream not thinking anything of this and then I went to the doctor only to have them explain that some dark spots came out on a scan that were suspicious of a serious condition. In this dream, the eye doctor was very concerned and decided to have me redo this scan to check further. Inevitably it came out that I did, in fact, have this condition. I was told that I would go blind within 6 months to two years. Weird right? I remember trying to keep things in perspective and focus on the fact that I would still have my whole life ahead of me, but then it hit me that I would not be able to actually see my two sons grow past a certain age, and I became hysterical. I remember crying on the phone as I told my husband. I guess I had not thought it would be anything serious so I had gone to the appointment alone. Anyway, when I awoke I was still crying.

A strange thing is that I remembered the name of the condition when I awoke: macular degeneration. I thought it was some kind of fake name, but then I felt compelled to look it up and saw that it’s an actual condition. This makes me a little nervous. I shared the dream with my mom who says she has mentioned this condition to me in the past, so perhaps this is where I heard it but I can’t clearly recall. I honestly felt that it was a fictional term in the dream. Ugh so unsettling! Thoughts??


Spirits at Work

•September 28, 2013 • 5 Comments

At my new job, which is in an extremely old building, I heard a few ghost stories that all stemmed back to the original lady for whom the building was named. I had felt a very strong negative energy only a few days after having started there when entering a restroom and walked back out never to go in again. I had only spoken of this to my husband until a few coworkers told some of their own experiences over lunch one day.

Today, I experienced my own paranormal event. Someone at work was reading aloud from a book she was quoting when she suddenly yelled out “OUCH! That hurt!”mid-sentence. She grabbed at her hair and looked around to see who had pulled her hair. No one had and no one was close enough to her to do so.

Today then became the the first time she heard the same story I had heard previously from coworkers. Apparently, a couple years back someone had pulled a coworker’s hair when she was alone in her office.

It was essentially the same exact story that took place all over again. The only difference was that today’s occurrence happened with several people around, including myself, and it happened in my office, which is 4 doors down from the original incident.

I wonder if it was a prankster spirit or if it was something more. I certainly didn’t get a bad vibe afterward though, which was a relief.

Do Spirits Lurk in Safe Places?

•September 25, 2013 • 13 Comments

Yesterday, I had the humidifier on for my little one who has a cold. It’s been running for the better of two days. He likes leaning over the side of the crib to try to grab the “smoke.” As I stood there next to the crib, which is by the bedroom door, I saw something move or glide in the hall. I felt it was some type of spirit but also later thought it possible that the smoke may have deceived my eyes. Still, it got me thinking. Spirits are known to reveal themselves through various energies such as electricity, so isn’t it possible that they could also use something like “smoke” to hide in or better yet reveal themselves in a subtle way?

White Light

•August 21, 2013 • 7 Comments

I have no idea how I forgot this incident, but it actually happened a day or two before the post I just made about the voice.

My husband and I were in the kitchen when he suddenly froze and then told me he saw a huge white light that started in the entrance to the kitchen and quickly made its way into it. I had my back to it and saw nothing, but to see his face and shock was interesting. He said the only way he could describe it was that it looked like a huge smear of light across the wall that spread into the kitchen and got smaller all in a matter of a couple of seconds. He, as I’ve mentioned before, is somewhat less of a skeptic now than he was before and this truly amazed him to say the least.

I didn’t feel anything negative from it, which I was happy about.

A Voice Over

•August 19, 2013 • 3 Comments

Yesterday evening, I heard a voice. My husband was walking into our kitchen talking to me while I was sitting in our living room. At the tail end of his words, I heard another voice that lasted for approximately 2 seconds. I thought it was my son who I figured had woken up. I had a glass of milk in my hand and set it down, looking towards the hallway believing my son was about to walk in half asleep.

He didn’t.

I called for my husband and asked if he heard a voice. Of course, he hadn’t. I explained what I heard and that I couldn’t make out the words but that I assumed it was our son. I made my husband check on him, and he was fast asleep. I stayed frozen on the couch. Then I made him make sure all the toys that could make noises were off in the baby’s playpen. He informed me that they weren’t even in the playpen anymore.

I have no idea what or who I heard, but I know it was a distinctly separate voice from my husband’s. I used my protection spray over my sons and asked that they be bathed in white light of protection and love and for the angels to watch over them.

Reiki I Healing – Check!

•August 6, 2013 • 4 Comments

I have needed to post about this for awhile now. I finally took a dive in the Reiki pool and made a fresh new splash! I found the class to be very helpful in many respects; in fact, it was awesome! First of all, I loved learning about the history of Reiki from my teacher. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting fresh new faces with beautiful souls from the others taking the same course. We were all rookies in Reiki, but surprisingly, I wasn’t the rookiest (probably not a word lol). In any case, I appreciated the intense lessons on chakras and spirituality that I received. Traditionally, most Reiki courses do not always incorporate this from what I gather, but to me it is ALL about spirituality so this is exactly what I was looking to learn.

In the end, I made some new friends, learned new meditative techniques, and engaged in full blown-hands-on experience for a majority of the course. This was the best as it provided the most therapeutic experience of my life in giving myself Reiki as well as giving Reiki to others. We spent so much time with the positive life force energy intent that we clearly helped one another in many ways, which is what it’s truly all about after all…a truly amazing experience. 🙂

Butterfly Bump

•August 3, 2013 • 19 Comments

I know. It’s been awhile. I have a lot more that I need to post. Please bear with me. Today though I had an experience that I need to share.

I don’t often spend time outdoors. The heat and sun suck the life out of me. Anyway, today I carried my baby with me to my backyard as I went to let my dog out. As we made our way around a pillar on my back porch, a HUGE butterfly suddenly flew in front of us and bumped into me. I’m talking big, people. I literally had time to see all of its intricate yellow and black markings. It was beautiful! I was seriously startled as it was occurring because it basically stopped us in our path. The next thought that I had was of my father. Somehow in some way, it was a spiritual message. Either from him directly or from a spirit guide is my feeling. I looked it up and can say with certainty that it was a Tiger Swallowtail. I recognize the significance of the metamorphosis and transformation of a butterfly, of course. Now I just need to figure out what change this means for me. I’m sensing a spiritual transformation is clearly relevant here.

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