Children and Spirits

Yesterday, my mom mentioned to me that something strange had occurred at my home while she was watching my son. She said that she placed a baby book on the bar in the kitchen, which is across from the freezer. She then took the baby outside for some fresh air and came back in to feed him. She said she placed his food on the counter with him in her arms, turned around, and suddenly he had the book in his hands. It’s hard to explain the kitchen setup, but she found it rather alarming that he was able to reach the book from the angle he was held in her arms. While she was telling me that this all took place, I could sense her confusion at how he got his book in his hands. She even used the word “magical,” which was quite unusual for her to say. I didn’t say much and actually forgot about it for awhile.

Later in the evening, I remembered and told the story to my husband. Halfway through the telling, I suddenly stopped and had a memory of the past flash in my mind. I found myself fumbling over words trying to finish telling the rest of the story while also recalling my memory to my husband, hoping he too would be able to see the connection I was shown. Fortunately, he did. When our older son was also a toddler we had gone to Walmart and with my son in my husband’s arms, somehow he had ended up with a big ball in his hands. At the time, we both became very nervous as we presumed someone in the store had given it to him without us seeing, though we were admittedly unsure of how it could’ve happened as I was behind him while he was carrying him. Anyhow, we had left the store feeling very uneasy of potential strangers who gave kids things in that manner.

Now though, I believe that this memory flashed in my mind for a reason at the exact moment that I was telling him about my mom’s experience with our youngest. Who put the ball and book in our sons’ hands and why? are questions that remain to be answered. My father-in-law had not passed when the ball incident occurred but mine had, and now they are both passed. Of course, there could be a number of other explanations. What they are though remains to be seen.


~ by Lights of Clarity on November 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Children and Spirits”

  1. Interesting, 🙂 My sister has also been having an increase in unusual activity in her home as she baby sits her young grandchildren most days.. Interesting in that a similar thing happened around your children on different occasions..
    Wishing you a Peaceful Sunday

  2. It is possible that no one gave them anything.

    Have you consider the possibility that the child wanted it and teleported it to himself?

    Yeah, sounds crazy, but check your feelings on it.

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