Today at work, a picture of my son fell forward on my desk for no obvious reason. I had some thoughts about this but was quite busy so after setting it back up, I forgot about it. Hours later, I remembered and decided to text my husband and I mentioned the occurrence. Immediately after doing so, I stared at my son’s picture and fell in a kind of trance for about ten seconds. I immediately felt uneasy and thought perhaps it was due to the picture of him having fallen earlier. I looked back at my phone to see if my husband had responded and, at that moment, my phone began ringing. It showed that it was from my son’s school nurse. I answered it and found out my son had hurt his hand at school but thankfully was ok now. This shared vibration was very much like another I have posted about when I had a visual image stamp itself in my mind regarding him in the past. After speaking to him and easing my concern, I immediately felt nauseous. I am still amazed at how powerful our connection is, but I am equally grateful for it.


~ by Lights of Clarity on October 17, 2013.

5 Responses to “Connections”

  1. I have a feeling your son has a lot of psychic power/energy too.

  2. Such a powerful story. Amazing the way we can link to those we love.

  3. Wow! I wonder why you felt like you were in a trance? What was going through your mind while in the trance state? It can be difficult for me to focus on any messages I may be getting at work.

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