More of the same?

A couple of posts back I mentioned how an occurrence took place in my office that was essentially a repeat from years back with another worker a few doors down from me. Amazedly, a new tidbit of information was revealed when another coworker mentioned how he thought I was the old employee returning but with a new last name. I was confused and asked for clarification. He proceeded to laugh and say that when he passed by my office, my first day here, that he noticed the same first name as the former employee on my office door but with a different last name, so he assumed she was returning after a marriage or something. This threw me off as my name (Mia) is quite uncommon in these parts, at least for someone my age. Lately, it seems to be somewhat more popular among newly named baby girls lol. Anyway, I had already found it interesting that the office I’m in was also formerly used as a studio instead of an office, even prior to the last Mia here, and that is something I had enjoyed as a hobby in the past as well. I remember feeling a little surprised with that fact. And now to hear that another similarity exists, and such an unusual one, with my name and the last person in this office was just too much of a “coincidence.” Where am I going with this?? I honestly have no idea but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that there are no coincidences.


~ by Lights of Clarity on October 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “More of the same?”

  1. One big thing that you have to remember is that once you are in these path is very rarely to be a common person again, many would say that you have a mental problem, but many other you will find, like they are like you, awakening to the light, also nothing is a coincidence, most likely that spirits find the best way for you to not get afraid, so once you are more open, you would actually realize which is the best way for you to sense, or receive a message. I can see, since the beginning of your post how you have grow 🙂 keep it that way

  2. Reminds me of a really bizarre (but meaningless) coincidence that happened at my previous place of work.

    Two men called Michael Van Dort were hired by two different people to work on the same floor (out of 8 floors) and they both started at the same time. They were also from different counties.

    Considering I’ve only ever met two people with that name, it was so bizarre that some people thought it was actually a joke.

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