Another Strange Doctor Dream

Some of you may remember a dream I wrote about awhile back where I was in a waiting room at a doctor’s office with my father-in-law who has passed. The next week I was diagnosed with Lupus. Well, I had another dream somewhat similar. I dreamt that I had gone to the eye doctor for a routine visit and later received a call that I needed to go back in to discuss some of my results. I remember in the dream not thinking anything of this and then I went to the doctor only to have them explain that some dark spots came out on a scan that were suspicious of a serious condition. In this dream, the eye doctor was very concerned and decided to have me redo this scan to check further. Inevitably it came out that I did, in fact, have this condition. I was told that I would go blind within 6 months to two years. Weird right? I remember trying to keep things in perspective and focus on the fact that I would still have my whole life ahead of me, but then it hit me that I would not be able to actually see my two sons grow past a certain age, and I became hysterical. I remember crying on the phone as I told my husband. I guess I had not thought it would be anything serious so I had gone to the appointment alone. Anyway, when I awoke I was still crying.

A strange thing is that I remembered the name of the condition when I awoke: macular degeneration. I thought it was some kind of fake name, but then I felt compelled to look it up and saw that it’s an actual condition. This makes me a little nervous. I shared the dream with my mom who says she has mentioned this condition to me in the past, so perhaps this is where I heard it but I can’t clearly recall. I honestly felt that it was a fictional term in the dream. Ugh so unsettling! Thoughts??


~ by Lights of Clarity on September 28, 2013.

11 Responses to “Another Strange Doctor Dream”

  1. From what I’ve heard, when you have your eye test, they tend to also check for that. Early detection is said to help.

  2. I understand your attitude towards the dream. I have many similar dreams. I think they come to let us know they are around and help us get through things. I would get checked again just for your own peace of mind.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Lupus, well this dream of yours may not be crazy at all, I explain it.
    Lupus is an auto immune illness and because of that you will be expose to many other conditions, I will take this as a very good premonition and start taking seriously in consideration a special diet, so you can reinforce to the max your immune system.

  4. Actually to dream of a hospital or Doctor is a dream of significant improvements to your life. The more afraid you were, the more ill you were the better the changes. The fact you were hysterical says they will be changes too good to be concerned about. However because it was your eyes that were diseased is a warning someone is going or trying to trick you in business or employment. You calling your husband on the phone and crying is you will be called upon to lend a shoulder to someone in distress and the telephone conversation is rivalry or competition where you least expect it. Your husband in your dream is business. So to put it all into perspective is your about to either come up against some trouble with someone at work or in business (it could be your husband also) but the end result will bring such a massive change and improvement to your life you won’t even care. It sounds like someone close to you in work or business isn’t all they seem. Now whatever is going to happen is going to result in you or your husband being better off for it. It could be a promotion or pay rise thing or being offered the chance to apply for a better job within the same company, that sort of thing, but there is competition coming and when it is all done at the end of the day you or your husband will come out on top. Whatever is going to happen is going to bring about really good fruitful changes. More money, better life etc….the sort of thing that changes your life over night. Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Surgeries are ALWAYS favorable omens.

  5. I like the above comment! I didn’t feel all doom and gloom when I read about the dream. I think you have this uncanny knack for remembering the smallest of details of a dream and I am jealous as I don’t get dreams like that all the time.

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