Stranger Things Have Happened…or Have They?

I have recently posted about inadvertently tapping into some energy through a speaker on a computer (happened on two different occasions), and I’m not sure if I’ve posted about the time the light went out in my bedroom while I was alone with my newborn son…basically, it turned off while I was in there and when I went to turn it back on, it worked fine. There are three brightness level on this lamp and though it continued this way for a few weeks, going off when I was around at seemingly random moments, I noticed something rather interesting. It stopped working completely on the lowest setting but worked just fine on the two brighter settings. It is still working this way right now in fact.  I find it strange as one would think that if the light bulb blew out then it blew out, not only on one setting and not others, right? This leads me to believe that it is an energy I am tapping into and not an actual electrical issue though I am no electrician.

Hold onto your seats because the next occurrence is off the charts, in my opinion anyway.

Last week I sat my baby down in one of those baby seats where they have toys around them and you can spin the tray around to let them play with different toys as they sit. I wish I could think of the name of these seats right now, but I can’t! Anyway, I sat him in it, unstrapped as he cannot get out of it, and I told my older son to keep an eye on him while he played with some other toys right next to his baby brother. I walked down the hall, served myself a bowl of cereal, and walked back. I hurried as I don’t like leaving him alone in a room. I probably took two minutes tops as the cereal box was left on the counter and all I did was pour it out then some milk and grabbed a spoon. Coming back down the hall, I could see that the chair was empty. My older son was immersed in his playthings, and as I ran in, the baby was crawling almost to the closet! I seriously have NO IDEA how he got out. I have thought about this for days, even going over it with my husband. There is no way he could have slipped down and under it. The ONLY way is for him to have somehow lifted his chunky body up by his arms then over the toy tray that surrounds the seat. The chair though was not tipped over at all and he didn’t cry as I would expect him to do if he propelled himself over the seat. My older son didn’t have an explanation for how he got out either. He was, admittedly, more into his toys at the moment. I put my son back in the seat and have done so every single day since to see if he can get out again. All he does is become upset and cry to be let out. No evidence as of yet that he has any inclination of how to get out of that seat.

SO, either my son is the next Houdini OR one of his grandfather’s helped him make an escape!


~ by Lights of Clarity on May 21, 2013.

9 Responses to “Stranger Things Have Happened…or Have They?”

  1. I can’t explain the baby thing, but those three-way bulbs have separate filaments for each level, so conceivably one could burn out while the other two are fine . . .

  2. It might be your baby’s energy.

  3. Hi there, I would say, grab a baby camera and keep it on, better if you have the one that record for a couple of hours. Then every day review the tape, take special interest to the baby, if he sees, he smile, or where he direct his eyes, also if the camera show any interference, visual or sound. The fact that the grandparents could be around (probably they are) this is not something 100% certain, so just be careful, other spirits could be around.
    Let me tell you about the lights, if this lamp is the one that adjust the light, in a normal way, the light bulb is not the special one is the connection.
    Any weird noise on any electrical artifact should tell you that energy is around.

  4. I can’t remember living in a house where there weren’t electrical faults! Mind you I’m constantly switched on myself so I guess it’s no surprise. In fact I quite like it when it happens, lets me know that maybe I should be paying more attention 🙂
    Babies are amazing at what they are capable of. Many times my children when they were very young did things that I could not explain. Trust your intuition, it will always tell you what you need to know.
    Love and light to you

  5. Oh me and my lighting issues. I go through bulbs like baby diapers! I have always had issues with the lighting everywhere I have lived, but this house I am presently in takes the cake. I vote for your husband’s father again, as he is the prankster, right? I am also starting to wonder if he is trying to tell you something. Not necessarily anything about the baby, but he is doing things that you see as unexplainable in the physical. He wants your attention and maybe has something to tell you. Have you tried contacting him? Maybe some automatic writing or just meditation geared toward communicating with him? What does your husband say when you tell him you think it may be his father? Cleanse your home and ask your guides to not let any spirits in that could be harmful to you or your family.

    • He laughs and says I’m probably right. I have wondered why so many things here and there are presenting themselves to me in my home, especially. I haven’t tried to contact him. Something may have happened last night that left me unsure. I’ll be posting about it.

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