Reiki Healing: Session 1

I went for my first ever Reiki healing session this weekend. I have been planning this for awhile, carefully choosing a Reiki master to whom I felt drawn. I will admit that I was a little nervous but mostly excited. I needed some serious relaxation, so I was ready for whatever was waiting for me.

I could feel her calming energy immediately upon meeting her. We briefly discussed what drew me to reiki, and she explained what reiki could do for me or anyone. When she began, I did my best to relax and breathe normally while paying close attention to all of my senses. I decided ahead of time that I would keep my eyes closed, so I could gauge through my other senses where she was applying the healing energy as she went along.

Immediately, I felt heat on my head. I sneaked a peek to ensure my senses had not failed me, and there she was standing behind me with her hand above my head. All in all, I literally felt sensations of heat in my hands, head, feet, and even a heavy pulling sensation in my stomach when she was working on those areas, which later was resolved. It was amazing! I felt lighter and calmer and de stressed. I even noticed at one point that my left hand was hot and actually sweating while my right was not, and of course, there she was at my left wrist and hand. This is significant to me as I have been experiencing severe pain, redness, and inflammation in my joints, especially involving my hands and feet, which got me a diagnosis of lupus if some of you recall. It was a flow of energy like no other, and I openly welcomed it.

Afterward, we discussed what I felt throughout the healing session and after. We also discussed spirituality and for once, I felt comfort in sharing some of my experiences in person as I learned of this community of local people who share in the same. I wanted to cry with relief and joy but decided to hold it in until I drove away.


~ by Lights of Clarity on April 7, 2013.

15 Responses to “Reiki Healing: Session 1”

  1. I’ve thought about trying Reiki for a while. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! 🙂 Will you be going back? It seems to me (from what I know of Reiki) that it can be helpful in relieving that pain you have….

    • Yes I will! I am also hoping to take some courses myself that she offers in regard to reiki and spirituality. I feel a lot of support in this even from my doctor who revealed that she too recognizes the value of alternative treatments.

  3. What a wonderful session! It sounds like it was healing both for body and soul. I admit I never had a reiki healing session before I took classes, haha! I just went with my gut on it. I love love love receiving it though, and also having taken classes is really very handy. It’s like having an emergency kit with you at all times, and has helped me handle my own allergic reactions, UTIs etc etc many a time. And the more you do it, the more the energy-flow expands every time. I definitely recommend classes!

    • Thanks for commenting, Thea! How funny that you mentioned taking classes before having your own session. I seriously almost did this then stopped myself. Either way, we get the best of experiences I suppose. I am glad to have you say how much reiki helps you!

  4. Glad to hear you benefited from the Reiki session. I had my first Reiki healing about 13 years ago, and then went on to study Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki master/teacher during the harmonic concordance of November 2003. It;s very easy to learn and firstly teaches us how to heal ourselves. I hope everything goes very well for you. Blessings and very best wishes for the future.

  5. Hope you are better after your Reiki session. I am actually looking for a Reiki Master to learn from and hopefully I can help you in the near future! Glad you had a good experience 🙂 EnJOY your day! Blessings and Love!

  6. That is awesome. I have been receiving reiki for almost a year now but have only experienced the distance reiki. I have had similar feelings in my body but no two sessions have ever been the same and it is amazing the connection and similar experiences I have with my reiki master. Good stuff!

  7. Good for you, I have been looking out for a Reiki Master in my area and no luck, but I think that someone who lives close in the other town can help, will see. Can I ask how you feel after? kind of days after?

  8. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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